Qui sommes-nous ?

Before the constuction of Al Mansour Addahbi dam in Ouarzazate, the area was settled by 13 tribes from Berbers and Arabs. There were traditions and customs related to each tribe. During the construction of the dam these tribes were moved to an area called «Idelssane » and another called «Ait Gttif » Consequently there are some families that entirely immigrated from Ouarzazate to Casablanca , Agadir, Rabat… These tribes were recompensated on their proporties through expropriation rule which was puplished in the official gazette of Moroccan kingdom (Decree No. 2.71.371 on Jomada 2nd 26, 1391 corresponding to August 18, 1971) that gives the permission to acquire the property for constructing and exploiting Al Mansour Eddahbi dam in the Daraa valley inside Ouarzazate province.
This kasbah which called Tighramt N’ait iddar had belonged to five major families in the region: Ait iddar family, Ait Kassi family, Ait Jabbor family, Ait Oujmaa family and Ait M’hammad. We will publish a specific page for each family soon…
Presently we are in contact with the rest of the families that confirm not to expropriate their properties within this Kasbah and that they have the documents which confirm their ownership in this Kasbah.
The family  Kassi Lahoussine Ben Ahmed Ben Abdellah is considered one of the families that have benefited from the expropriation process in the region except for its property in kasbah Tighramt N’ait Iddar that was not recompensated .According to the Commission, which counted properties at that time .:”The kasbah was located in an area higher than the dam eventhough the latter was full 100%”.
The area of Kassi’s property in this kasbah covers 1600 m² and it is situted on the border with other families’ properties in this kasbah .This area was bounded on the north by Ait iddar , on the right Ait Oujmaa and on behind Ait Jabbor and the fence.

Identifying card about Kassi Lhoussine Ben Ahmed Ben Abdellah :

First name : Lhoussine
Last name : Kassi
Date of birth : 1906
Place of birth : Zaouiat  Ait Boudlal Ait Ouarzazate
Date of death : Mars 17th, 1964
The Dead Kassi Lhoussine Ben Ahmed Ben Abdellah, whose name is in property act, immigrated to participate in the Vietnam War to gather enough money so as he could restore the part of his property that some members of his family had sold to the Jewish Avraham and Jacob Ouazana.