Documentation | Kasbah Tighramt N'Ait Idar

Property contract of Kassi family

To inform poeple about the case, kassi family has kept the original copy of the property contract which continence details (such as Space, borders, date of purchase, date of registration, etc.) concerning the property which belongs to them inside the Kasbah.
This document also contains the list of properties bought by Kassi Lhoussine from Avraham and Jacob Ouazana (of Jewish origins). In an act of expropriation, these properties were compensated for except the land located inside the Kasbah, which belongs to Kassi family.  

Purchase process

This part of the contract specifies the details of the property purchase, the sellers of the Property, Aveaham and Jacob Ouazana, and the buyer, Kassi Lhoussine.