Documentacion | Kasbah Tighramt N'Ait Idar

Borders and surface area

This part of the ownership contract mentions the property that Kassi Lhoussine bought from Avraham and Jacob Ouazana, and gives the following details: Length: 40 meters, breadth: 40 meters (1600 square meters). This area was suronded, on the north, by Ait Idar, and on the right by Ait Oujmaa and At Jabbor and the fence behind.


Confirmation of buying and selling

This part of the ownership contract states that the purchase made by Kassi Lhoussine was done properly and authentically, without any specific conditions, and the purchase price of all the properties, as mentioned in the contract, was 1500 dirhams (as valued 1962). The sellers, obviously,  admitted that they were in possession of such a purchase price.