Documentacion | Kasbah Tighramt N'Ait Idar

The first response by the Director of Water supply Equipments, in Rabat

Jamal Kassi received the above mentioned response to the first correspondence, which was meant  to obtain a fully granted access to the Kasbah,  located in El Manssour Eddahbi dam.
Unfortunately, the Director Water Supply Equipments excused himself from such a difficult task (granting access to the Kasbah), since it was expropriated and was considered as a part of the common property.

- Download a copy of the response of the Director of Water Supply Equipments, in Rabat


Correspondence addressed to the Director of Water Supply Equipments, demanding an  inquiry into the documents justifying the expropriation.


Based on the former correspondence, Jamal Kassi requested to be given the documents legitimizing such an act, the expropriation of the Kassi property located inside the Kasbah Tighremt N’ait Idar (1600 square meters), for as far as Kassi’s  family is concerned the property was and is still their own. According to the representative of Kassi family in 1972, Abderrahman ben Lhoussine Kassi, the commission which was assigned to count the properties concluded the following: The Kasbah is located in place that is safe from any danger if the dam gets full 100%. Since then the family has been denied access to the Kasbah, for it was isolated and unreachable. Moreover the family was chocked when they saw the Kasbah being exploited by others in 2001.

- Download a copy of the correspondence addressed to : the Director of Water Supply Equipments, in Rabat.