Documentacion | Kasbah Tighramt N'Ait Idar

The response given by the Managing Director of Water Engineering dealing with the expropriation documents.

On the 17th of August 2009, Jamal Kassi received a response from the Managing Director of Water Engineering, answering back our inquiry into the documents justifying the expropriation act of property belonging to Kassi family, located in Tighremt N’ait Idar, and of 1600 square meters surface area.
Found baseless, the response didn’t clearly answer what our first correspondence was meant for. It simply gave vague numbers, indecipherable. Therefore, questions sprang to mind. For example, which numbers relate to the Kasbah? Is this response part of the solution or part of the problem?
Too hopeful to find an explanation for these blurry numbers, Jamal Kassi paid many subsequent visits to the institution responsible for El Mansour Edahbi dam, only to discover that this latter refused to uncover the meanings of these numbers. They preferred them vague.

- Download a copy of the Managing Director’s response to our inquiry about the numbers which took 4 years to decipher.


Media and its role in making our case spread nationwide

In an attempt to reach the public, Jamal Kassi, believing in the power of the media, tried to send articles to many newspapers so that Kassi family would find a space for their voice.
Consequently, some articles were warmly received, in contrast, some others fell on deaf ears. We mention some of the newspapers supporting our case as the following:

An article published the Al Khabar electronic newspaper.
An article published the Magress electronic newspaper
An article published the Maghreb Al Rad electronic newspaper
An article published the Al Maouja electronic newspaper
An article published the Medi press electronic newspaper
An article published the Bayan Al Yawm newspaper
An article published the Maghreb Al Yawm newspaper

There were other newspapers publishing some articles for our own cause, but unfortunately are not available for the moment.
Many thanks are due to all the journalists who supported us in our noble cause.


The report broadcast on 2M TV channel


Many thanks to 2M for covering the news relevant to the place being talked about here    




New political change: A new constitution and new government

After broadcasting the report on 2M, during 2012, it was quietly sure that, along with change made in our beloved country, the case would find its way to justice. Unfortunately, Jamal’s next visit to the ministry in Rabat, which was intended to uncover the mystery of those numbers received on the 17th of August 2009, was disappointing. No one was willing to cooperate.
With such a disappointing experience, Jamal Kassi headed for the agency responsible for water resources in Agadir (of Souss Massa Daraa rigion). Meeting its Director, who listened to Kassi’s complaints, ended up in registering the complaints on which future correspondences would be based upon.          

A report on the visit made by the provincial Director of Ouarzazate Infrastructure

This report, made by the provincial Director of Ouarzazate Infrastructure to the minister of water Infrastructures in Rabat, gives details about the locally paid visit to the Kasbah, ensuring that this latter is located on the top of a mountain called “Taourirt N’Zbib”, and that Kassi family had been given a compensation.
Nevertheless, based on the testimony of Abderrahman Kassi, who is still alive, saying that the commission responsible for counting the properties which  were subject to expropriation made the following report: “Abderrahman Kassi was not to benefit from any compensations, for the Kasbah is higher than the dam, even if it’s full of water 100%”
Besides, faulty information, we believed, was spotted in the correspondence. First the Kasbah is not located on “Taourist N’Zbib” peak, for this latter is black in colour located near another mountain’s peak on which the Kasbah was founded on. The photos below give clear details.



- Download photos showing “Tourirt N’Zbib” peak and the other peak with “Tighremt N’Ait Idar” Kasbah.