Documentacion | Kasbah Tighramt N'Ait Idar

A list of the expropriation act meant for the Kassi family living in the area

 As received from the Director of Water Resources Agency of Souss Massa Daraa region, it included all the families springing from Kassi dynasty.

Inside in the red frame we find Kassi family – Abderrahman ben Lhoussine – and inside the blue frame we find the area which was subject to expropriation:  “Zaouia”. This area is far from the place holding the Kasbah “Tighremt N’Ait Idar”.

Therefore, this list doesn’t contain any authentic information relating to “Tighremt N’Ait Idar” Kasbah.


- Download a copy of the list showing Kassi families expropriated properties, with no indication to Tighremt N’Ait Idar”.