Documentacion | Kasbah Tighramt N'Ait Idar

An expropriation list dedicated to Abderrahman ben Lhoussine Kassi

Mentioning some of the properties compensated for, the list doesn’t include any information or indication to “Tighremt N’Ait Idar”. To explain, we’ve devided it into three divisions:

- The first division (column 1): it shows parts of the land in “Zaouia” district, which is colored in red, as a kind of illustration made above. This area is far from the place where “Tighremt N’Ait Idar” is. “Tighremt N’Ait Idar” is in “Ezlagane” district.
Based on this, the list is illogical, proving nothing.

- The second division (column 2): It shows some different trees and palm trees that were compensated to Abderrahman ben Lhoussain Kassi. Thus, this also has no value proving that Kassi family had benefited from the compensation.

- The third division (column 3): Column 3 shows details about an old house ,of Kassi family, called “Erhem Ezlagane”, not “Tighremt N’Ait Idar. In this resides the confusion that troubled the administration.

To make things clearer, here are two facts: “Erhem Ezlagane” surface area is 200 square meters, and “Tighremt N’Ait Idar surface area is 1600 square meters.

Taking all these into consideration, Lhoussain Kassi’s family possess:
-Tighremt N’Ait Idar standing near “Taourirt N’Zbib” mountain (1600 square meters)
-“Erhem Ezlagane”, spotted at the bottom of the mountain on which “Tighremt N’Ait Idar” is located, with 200 square meters as its surface area.

A summary:
Kassi family was compensated for “Erhem Ezlagane”, according to the list above, but they weren’t compensated for the property inside the Kasbah “Tighremt N’Ait Idar”.

Why doing this?
Reconstructing and repairing the Kasbah so that we can develop region’s infrastructures. Our demand for the Kasbah has been built upon our willingness to improve it and to make it a historical monument which reflects the region’s colorful heritage, such as customs, traditions, culture, etc.    

For a long time state administrations neither kept our rights in the Kasbah, nor developed it. They were simply wasting it before our own eyes!

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for an answer!


The photos below give clear details.



- Download a copy of the list, thought to be as a proof of the compensation to Abderrahman ben Lhoussain Kassi.