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The case of tighramt nait idar , any help ?

The historical Kasbah of "Tighramt N'ait idar" appeared in the media recently,it is located inside the dam of El Manssour Edahbi like an island ,the Kasbah reveals another secret of the city of Ouarzazate because it belongs to five famous berber families in ouarzazate; Ait Idar, Ait Kassi, Ait Jebour, Ait Oujmaa and Ait M'hammed.
After decades of building the dam of Manssour Adahbi in 1971,the family of Ait Kassi demands the right to their lost property inside the Kasbah, since the property is inside the dam with no bridges then it's hard to get access to it and benefit from it.
Jamal Kassi the spokesman of the Ait kassi family says that he has documents refuting the ministry of water which admitted the expropriation of the property, and that Kassi family have a contract of ownership of the land issued from the city of Ouarzazate,and keeps on saying that the relevant administrations do have a role in the ignoring this case,especially after that the kasbah was used in 2001 (Vidéo and pict) without the permission of inheritors.After contacting the conserned ministry to get a permission to cross the dam to benefit from the property as there is no bridges , the answers were ambigious.
Recently Jamal Kassi contacted Al Wasit institution (code correspondence 2533) which dedicated to better the justice system and help lift unjudtice that was 14 May 2012.
The demand of the family is to get access to their property in the Kasbah of tighramt n'ait Idar for the purpose of renovation, as this Kasbah holds the history of the region,and to set up a buisness to get the region economic activity. With growing numbers of locals moving to big cities, the need of such initiatives is highly appreciated by the mainsteam.
For this, we call upon the journalists and activists and the people holding positions of power to help us get the right that belongs to us.Our belief is that the rights are taken not given.

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Jamal KASSI | Ouarzazate, Maroc


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